Colin Shields Road races 1/11/14

Stephen & Gillian Win Time Trial

2014C.Shields Race Club Pic

Greenock Glenpark Harriers raced the challenging 4 ½ mile route from Dunlop Street around Larkfield and back again in the annual Colin Shields time trial road race. In the dry blustery conditions it turned out that the most competitive race was between the women where less than 1 minute separated the first 7 finishers.

And it was Gillian Forrest, with a well-judged race, who took the trophy from current club Champion Rhonda White, who is fast returning to her best form.

Lynne Rogers claimed the 3rd spot from the veteran Lorna Coyle, but just by a couple of seconds, with Alison King and Marion Monk following close behind.

With all the runners starting in pairs at 30 second intervals Gillian had the advantage of knowing what she had to do to catch Lynne who was off just in front of her. But pacing was vital and she got it just right as she steadily chipped away at Lynne’s lead to get within 10 metres at the finish, but enough to record the fastest time and take the trophy.

Stephen Trainer the last man to start, 12 minutes after the first runners had set off, soon made inroads to those in front of him. And one by one he eventually caught them all to cross the line comfortably in first and in doing so breaking Chris MacKay’s long standing 10 year course record by 1 second. It was a different story for 2nd across the line, after David Henderson and Andrew Harkins had set off together. At half way David pushed hard to make the break and had built up a sizeable lead over Andrew, but thinking he was safe, he was shocked in the last ¼ mile when glancing behind him realised that Andrew had closed to within a few yards, leading the pair to a lung bursting sprint up Dunlop street hill with David just holding on for the runners-up spot.

It was also encouraging to see Paul Hegarty, Stuart Crawford, Stuart Austin, Simon Hutton and Gregor Alexander competing so well in their first Harriers race.

Joshua Ruddy was the surprise winner in the Boys 2.2km race taking in 2 laps of the Murdieston Dam. He led from start to finish and held his nerve as he was chased down by Alan Mollins and Ryan Brown. In the girls race Shelby Morrison eventually broke clear of the tenacious Nicola Doohan with Megan Rodgers nearing full fitness in third.

Jude Dolan was victorious in the 1 lap race ahead of brothers Blair and Nathan Harkins. Rachel Ruddy made it a family double by emulating Joshua by winning over 1.1km from Ava Beaton and Francesca MacKay.



Thanks to Councillor Chris McEleny who took time out of his busy schedule to promote the Inverclyde Food bank, as well as competing in the race, and due to the generosity of those taking part, the Harriers were able to make a £300 donation to the local charity.

Thanks also to Lady Alice Bowling Club for accommodating the prize giving and Halloween party afterwards, Lesley Roberts of Rosie Jake Photography for the Race pictures, and all the volunteers who assisted in all the day’s activities.

More pictures can be seen on the Rosie Jake FaceBook Page:


Boys 1.2km: Jude Dolan 4.08, Blair Harkins 4.16, Nathan Harkins 4.23, Bradley McLees 4.41, Shaun Hegarty 4.59, David McCluskey 5.06, Andrew Henderson 5.25.

Girls 1.1km: Rachel Ruddy 5.05, Ava Beaton 5.10, Francesca MacKay 5.24, Sophie Campbell 5.33, Kate Ferguson 5.35, Emma Henderson 5.39, Amy Carruthers 5.47.

Boys 2.2km: Joshua Ruddy 8.02, Alan Mollins 8.05, Ryan Brown 8.12, Jonathan Slater 8.35, Jack McDaid 8.41, Ewan Ferguson 9.10, Andrew McCluskey 9.17,

Girls 2.2km: Shelby Morrison 7.32, Nicola Doohan 8.16, Megan Rodgers 8.41, Zoe Renfrew8.52, Beth McKenna 9.16, Brooke Gallacher 10.15, Abbi Noone 10.20.

Senior 4.5 miles: Stephen Trainer 23.09,David Henderson 24.35, Andrew Harkins 24.36, Steven Campbell 25.36, Kevin O’Donoghue 26.12, Alan Henderson 26.35, Andrew White 26.50, Andrew Osborne 27.07, Chris Watson 27.36, Graham McGrattan 28.20, Brian Harkins 28.41, David Roberts 29.12, Paul Beaton 29.17, Robert Dolan 29.37, Robert Adams 29.41, Duncan Anderson 29.44, Robert Wilson 29.49, Alan O’Rourke 29.55, Kevan McCartney 29.58, Mick Harrington 30.10, Brian McCluskey 30.37, Robin McAuslan 31.44, Stuart Crawford 31.50, Andy MacLean 32.03, Robert Mitchell 33.00, Steven Watson 33.07, Gillian Forrest 33.33, Rhonda White 33.44, Lynne Rogers 33.58, Lorna Coyle 34.00, Gregor Alexander 34.05, Alison King34.16, Stuart Austin 34.17, Marion Monk 34.18, Stephen McDade 34.19, Kevin Gill 34.21, Donna Clark 34.32, John Carruthers 35.49, Paul Hegarty 35.54, Liz McAuslan 36.06, David Carruthers 36.51, Wendy Docherty 37.23, Lisa Ruddy 37.36, Susan Clark 38.09, Kirstin Arthur 38.29, Yvonne Prager 39.17, Sarah Aitken 39.29, Jo McGrattan 41.09, Simon Hutton 41.27,Grace Harrison 42.29, Angela Hill 43.02, Chris McEleny 43.25, Tommy Knight 51.41.


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