Colin Shields Race Report

Colin Shields Road Race – 31/10/2015

The Harriers had another great turnout for their Colin Shields club race, with 78 runners in total (30 juniors and 48 seniors).

GGH men


The senior race is run over a 4.5 mile course from Dunlop Street, out to Branchton, up over Larkfield Road and back round Cumberland Road, before returning along Inverkip Road to the start. The race is run as a time trial, with runners set off in pairs at 30 second intervals. The race was dominated by a trio of Scottish international veterans – Andrew Harkins, David Henderson, and Steven Campbell, who will be heading to Dublin in a fortnight to compete in the British and Irish XC International. These three set off last, but soon started to work their way through the field. They were chasing Paul Monaghan, who had started in determined fashion 30 seconds ahead. Paul would eventually pass all in front of him, and hold off the closing trio, to be first back. However, with a fast closing Andrew Harkins just a few seconds behind, having just managed to out sprint David Henderson, Andrew earned his first victory for the club. Less than 30 seconds separated these first 4, and on current form Paul Monaghan must be in with a good chance of joining his international club mates when he moves into the V45 age category next year.

GGH ladies

GGH Ladies

The ladies race resulted in a convincing victory for Suzanne Coyle, who is returning to her best form. Suzanne was over 2 minutes clear of the improving Marian Monk, with new member Catriona Stirling putting in another strong performance to finish third.

Other notable performances came from Andrew Osborne, showing a return to form after injury, to finish 6th, and new members Daniel Doherty and Mark Vance finishing 7th and 9th respectively. Super veteran Robert Wilson was not only the first V60, but also first over-50 and 10th overall. Robert Dolan knocked a minute off his time from last year to finish 11th, and Susan Clark improved by nearly 2 minutes to finish 4th woman. David Carruthers also took 2 minutes off from last year to get the better of his brother John, and Kevin Gill continues to improve as he too was over 2 minutes faster this year, but the biggest improvement came from Simon Hutton, who took almost 5 minutes off his time from last year!

GGH juniors

GGH Juniors

The junior race, also starting on Dunlop Street, features either 1 or 2 laps around the Murdieston reservoirs and up Murdieston Street. This year the juniors were competing for the new Lawrence Mulaghton Memorial trophy. The under-11s raced over 1 lap, with Fin Campbell finishing just ahead of Jude Dolan, and Capri Tallachia the first girl ahead of Ruby McGill. The older juniors competed over 2 laps, with under-13 Harry McGill finishing first ahead of under-15s Alan Mollins and Ryan Brown, with Beth McKenna the first girl.

Thanks to all the volunteers and helpers, Drew McKenzie from race sponsor Robert Alexander Butchers, who presented the prizes and also supplied the post-race pies, and the Lady Alice bowling club who hosted the prize giving and kids Halloween party.

Drew McKenzie presents Andrew Harkins with his trophy

Drew McKenzie presents Andrew Harkins with his trophy


Seniors (4.5 miles)
A. Harkins 24:51
D. Henderson 24:56
S. Campbell 25:15
P. Monaghan 25:18
A. White 26:41
A. Osborne 26:42
D. Doherty 27:28
C. Watson 27:38
M. Vance 28:09
R. Wilson Sr. 28:22
R. Dolan 28:37
B. Harkins 29:13
D. Roberts 29:13
A. O’Rourke 29:24
S. Marshall 29:24
R. Wilson Jr. 29:24
B. McCluskey 29:55
M. Dunn 30:11
G. McGrattan 30:35
D. Anderson 30:50
S. Crawford 31:09
R. Slater 31:40
S. Coyle 31:44
K. Gill 31:44
S. Watson 31:51
S. Austin 31:55
R. McAuslan 33:10
S. Smith 33:33
M. Monk 33:54
C. Campbell 34:12
P. Hegarty 34:31
C. Stirling 34:34
D. Carruthers 34:50
J. Carruthers 35:09
B. McKenzie 35:22
S. Clark 36:11
S. Hutton 36:37
L. Ruddy 36:46
K. Scott 37:12
A. Austin 37:27
I. Hanley 37:36
C. Monaghan 39:02
K. McLaughlin 39:29
E. O’Rourke 39:49
Y. Prager 40:15
G. Campbell 40:47
J. Dolan 42:12
T. Knight 52:41

u11 girls (1k)
C. Tallachia 4:21
R. McGill 4:35
L. Knox 5:03
R. Harkins 5:09
M. McCabe 5:10
A. Monaghan 5:23
K. Ferguson 5:29
E. Hegarty 8:23

u11 boys (1k)
F. Campbell 3:40
J. Dolan 3:48
A. Wiseman 4:10
B. Harkins 4:34
D. Boparai 4:45
A. Monaghan 4:48
Q. Hegarty 5:45

u13 girls (1k)
A. Singleton 5:44
A. Morrison 5:44

u13 boys (2k)
H. MgGill 7:23
C. Paton 7:43
S. Meechan 7:58
E. Ferguson 8:45
N. Campbell 9:22
J. McDaid 9:44
S. Hegarty 4:48 (1 lap)

u15 girls (2k)
B. McKenna 9:23
R. Mulaghton 10:03
M. McCartney 10:07
M. Forrest 4:14 (1 lap)

u15 boys (2k)
A. Mollins 7:31
R. Brown 7:37

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