Renfrewshire Road Race & National XC Championships

Renfrewshire Road Race & National XC Championships

You need to be pre-entered the next 2 races in which the club will be competing in. Note that you cannot enter on the day, and that the club pays the entry fee for these races. If you wish to run (Juniors) please inform your coaches or (Seniors) inform Marian Monk or David Carruthers or on events page on the club Facebook or , by the closing dates shown.

* For the National XC, Seniors must also be an up to date member of Scottish athletics.

Renfrewshire Road Race Championships, at Battery Park Sunday 7th February
Closing date Friday 29th January.

Race start times:
Under 11s – 1mile – 12 noon (must be at least 9 on the day of race)
Under 13s – 2miles – 12.30pm
Under 15s – 2miles – 12.50pm
Under17s – 3 miles – 1.15pm
Seniors – 5 miles – 1.45pm

National XC Championships at Falkirk, Saturday 27th February
Closing date: Saturday 6th February.

Race start times:
Under 13s – 2mile – 11.30am
Under 15s – 2.5miles – 12.00pm
Under 17s – 3miles – 12.35pm
Women – 5miles – 13.25pm
Men – 7.5miles- 14.30pm

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