GGH Colin Shields Road Race

shields10packThis Saturday 29th October

The Harriers 2nd Club Championship race of 2016/17 for ALL Juniors & Seniors
Everyone to meet at Clubhouse by 1.00pm for Club Photograph
Registration will be open at Orangefield from 12.15pm.

1.45pm Junior Race: 1200metre loop: Dunlop street – Murdieston Park-Murdieston Street. 1 lap for under 11s, 2laps for under 13s, & 3 laps for under 15s/17s.

2.00pm Senior Race: 4.5miles Time Trial: Dunlop Street – Branchton – IRH – Cumberland Road – Dunlop Street. Runners will be set off in pairs at 30 second intervals.
*Names will be drawn at random for the starting order.
Please come early 🙂

**Guest runners welcome

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