Young Harriers Beat the Freeze

Wilson Trophy Race 16/12/17

With the overnight freeze causing havoc with Saturdays sporting fixtures, Glenpark Harriers volunteers got out early in the morning to grit the course and beat the conditions to allow the Junior races around Murdieston Dam to go ahead. And it was well worth their effort as a record number of young athletes turned out for the festive fixture.

The first of the two 1500metre conceding handicap races was for the girls, and consisted of two laps of the reservoir with the runners set off in intervals based on their current form. And it took a superb performance from Sophie McLaughlan to break away from Francesca McKay for an impressive win. Behind this pair came Erin McEleny finishing 3rd. The fastest scratch time came from Ruby McGill with a personal best, 4 seconds ahead of Ava Beaton.

The boys’ race was a much closer affair with the boys’ all finishing very close behind one another. But it was Oliver Jones, one of the early starters, who held on under extreme pressure to come out on top.  Behind him came Ewan Ferguson who charged through the field passing 14 of his team mates including Euan Johnson right on the line. Ferguson’s time was also the joint second fastest of the day (matching Ryan Brown) and only 12 seconds adrift of Harry McGill, who had set a 22 second personal best.

Thanks to all the volunteers who prepared the course, and to the marshals and timekeepers.

Results: (Handicap Time in  brackets): Harry McGill (8.22) 4.22, Ewan Ferguson (8.14) 4.34, Ryan Brown (8.20) 4.34, Cameron Patton (8.20) 4.50, Scott Meechan (8.32) 5.02, Jude Dolan (8.38) 5.08, Aidan McElwee (8.52) 5.42, Euan Johnson (8.14) 5.44, Nathan Adams (8.46) 5.46,  Douglas Campbell (8.47) 5.47, Cameron Crawford (8.20) 5.50, Jack Hay (9.00) 6.00, Gregory Hay (8.21) 6.01, Leo Beaton (8.20) 6.10, Oliver Jones (8.06) 6.26, Murray Brown (8.19) 6.39, Finn McCabe (9.56) 8.36, Ruby McGill (8.47) 5.47, Ava Beaton (8.21) 5.51, Sophie McLaughlan (8.12) 5.52, Maria McCabe (8.51) 6.11, Francesca McKay (8.40) 6.20, Erin McEleny (8.43) 6.33, Madeline McCabe (9.18) 7.18, Abbigael Crawford (9.25) 7.25,  Aimee McEleny (9.12) 7.52.

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