Dochery Cup 2018

The 2018 Docherty Cup race was held on Saturday 14th April in one of the first good weather days of the year. The 10 mile race takes the runners on a 1 mile loop of the Gourock Esplanade before heading out the Cloch Road to the Bankfoot Roundabout and back to the finish in Gourock.


The runners were greeted with a steady headwind for the first half of the race, meaning they had to judge their effort on the way out. In the conceding handicap race, Stuart Crawford managed to get himself into contention around the turn and when Andy McLean had to stop at McInroys Point, Stuart was able to hold on to the lead and take his second victory in the race. Terri Wall and Lorna Coyle battled it out for 2nd and 3rd respectively, with Duncan Anderson not far behind in 4th.


The mens race saw Chris Mooney take his 4th victory of the year. Chris, fresh off of a great run at the recent Tom Scott 10 miler, was able to put in a similar effort over this course and come out victorious. Andy White showed no sign of any tiredness from his excellent marathon last weekend and put in a strong performance to take second place. Steven Campbell was just over the hour mark in 3rd place with Andrew Osborne and John Stevenson just behind. John also ran the Manchester marathon last week and continued his great form with a 30 second improvement on last year.


Sue Hewitson made in 2 wins in a row this year with victory in the womans race. Sue tends to run well over the longer distances, and had a great time at this event last year while finishing 2nd. Ladies club champion Marian Monk ran through the pain barrier in finishing second, which ensures she keeps her lead at the top of this year’s championship. Donna Campbell capped off a great few months for her with a strong run to finish 3rd.


Elsewhere there were good runs from Gordon Hepburn, Ross Neilson and Stewart Anderson, who dipped just under that 70 minute mark. Another Manchester marathoner who made it out was Angeline Austin, who despite the tiredness from her efforts last week still got round the tough 10 mile course on Saturday.

A big thank you to the Spinnaker Hotel for their continued support for the race. Also to the club volunteers who made it out on the day to help out.


Results (handicap times in bracket):

Chris Mooney 55.44 (97.44), Andrew White 57.16 (97.16), Steven Campbell 60.09 (99.59), Andrew Osborne 61.47 (99.47), John Stevenson 61.57 (96.57), Daniel Doherty 62.09 (100.09), Sean Marshall 64.01 (95.31), Gordon Hepburn 64.52 (96.22), Robert Dolan 65.15 (99.15), David Roberts 65.27 (98.27), Chris Watson 65.42 (97.12), Danny McLaughlin 66.29 (98.29), George McCallum 67.26 (95.56), Ross Neilson 67.49 (96.45), Richard Davidson 68.00 (99.00), Andrew Norris (guest) 68.32, Graham McGrattan 68.41 (97.41), Stewart Anderson 69.58 (96.53), Duncan Anderson 70.27 (95.27), Stephen Hanley 71.58 (100.58), Sue Hewitson 73.11 (100.41), Stuart Crawford 73.17 (94.17), Marian Monk 74.58 (97.58), Donna Campbell 75.11 (101.11), Lorna Coyle 76.17 (95.17), Matthew Young 76.55 (98.55), Robin McAuslan 77.10 (102.10), Terri Wall 80.44 (95.14), Colin Campbell 80.57 (102.57), Steven Watson 81.29 (105.59), Stuart Austin 81.29 (105.59), Kenny Scott 81.47 (96.17), Ian Hanley 82.24 (98.24), Sandra Campbell 83.05 (97.05), Clare Monaghan 85.02 (99.32), Stephen Reid 86.50 (110.5), Lucas Bezian 86.55 (101.25), Angeline Austin 94.29 (102.29)


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