London Marathon

Three of our members headed down south for the 38th Virgin London Marathon at the weekend, with record temperatures forecast race plans would be fully tested.

First back for the club and running his 15th London marathon since 1996 was Robert Dolan. He set off at a pace which would have given him a personal best of 2.56 but by mile 8 realised with the very hot and breezy conditions that it wasn’t a day for heroics and deliberately slowed the pace back to ensure getting round safely as the temperature did eventually hit a record high for the event of 24C. Robert came home in a time of 3.15.

Andrew Osborne, who a week before was still uncertain about running the race due to a lack of consistent training and high milage, toed the line with the other 40,000+ starters. He also knew early on that it wasn’t the day for it and decided to enjoy the event and soak up the amazing atmosphere with over a million spectators lining the route coming home in a time of 3.39.

The run of the day and delighted with his chance to run through the club ballot place was David Roberts. Going through halfway in 1.34 and pushing on to mile 16 started to slow slightly and at mile 21 as a bit of cramp set in, he said he just smiled and pushed on in an uncomfortable running style finishing in 3.26, which was still an amazing 15 minute personal best.

Robert Dolan 3.15
David Roberts 3.26
Andrew Osborn 3.39


Blackpool Marathon

Viki Smith headed to the Fylde coast for the 2018 Blackpool Marathon. The route keeps runners entirely on the Blackpool promenade for the entire run. This was Viki’s second marathon and her training was sadly interuppted by injury. But thatnks to hard work and physio, Viki was able to complete the course in 4.28.11. Well done Viki!


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