Lyle Mile 2019

The 2019 running year got off to a flying start with the fantastically attended Lyle Mile race on a glorious sunny New Year’s Day in Greenock. There were 136 runners tackling the one mile uphill challenge, more than double the attendance from the previous year!


The frantic start saw the runners charge up Lyle Road from Fort Matilda, winding their way up towards to summit. After a few tight and steep turns on the pavement, the final 200m flattens out towards the finish allowing the runners a sprint finish (i they have anything left in their legs!).


It was this sprint finish that allowed Chris Mooney to retain his title from the previous year. After Michael Healy and Neil Lafferty charged ahead in the early going, Chris paced the run to perfection and surged past the competition in the final 100m to claim the victory in a cracking time of 6.36. This was 11 seconds faster than last year and just shy of John Bell’s course record of 6.26 in 2017. Neil Lafferty’s first race as a member of Greenock Glenpark Harriers was a success with his 3rd place spot in a superb 6.41. Inverclyde’s Dylan Crawford paced the run well to finish 4th in 6.49 with Glenpark’s Paul Monaghan 5th in 6.53.


Claire Thompson returned for the 3rd year in a row to claim first lady. Her hattrick of wins came alongside a PB of 8.27, beating her previous best by 15 seconds and we hope to see her again next year to continue defending her title. Second and third placed females went to Glenpark Harriers juniors Katie Johnson and Ava Beaton. Both girls are looking in great form ahead of their runs for the West District at the Inter District Cross Country later this month.


First placed junior went to Jude Dolan who smashed his PB with a great run in 7.49, taking over 30 seconds off of his time from last year. There were a number of other standout runs among the Glenpark juniors, showing that the winter training at Tower Hill has been paying off.


A big thank you must go to all of the organisers and the army of volunteers on the day. The much larger numbers than previous years saw a few more challenges on the day, but the hard work of the team meant it went smoothly. The event raised over £300 for Inverclyde Down Syndrome Support Group. Another big thank you must go to CM Autos for their sponsorship of the event. Thanks also to Ross Cameron for allowing us use of his great photos on the day. There are a few links below the results to more photo albums on Facebook.


Results: Chris Mooney 6:36, Michael Healey 6:38, Neil Lafferty 6:41, Dylan Crawford 6:49, Paul Monaghan 6:53, Sean Gaffney 6:55, Mark Nightingale 6:59, Colin Morrison 7:07, Daniel Doherty 7:15. Andrew Osborne 7:26, Paul Beaton 7:37, Martin Power 7:39, Owen Atkinson 7:40, Mark Wheeler 7:46, Jude Dolan 7:49, Andrew McCall 7:51, Stephen Hanley 7:56, Chris Jones 7:59, Richard Davidson 7:59, David Downie 8:07, James Healey 8:14, Gerard Cooke 8:17, Finn Boyd 8:17, Graham Forbes 8:19, Callum Robertson 8:19, Gordon Ritchie 8:20, Steven Watson 8:23, Gavin Morrison 8:24, Oliver Reilly 8:25, Claire Thompson 8:27, Ian Hughes 8:31, Katie Johnson 8:32, Ava Beaton 8:34, Danny McLaughlin 8:36, Euan Johnson 8:36, Leo Beaton 8:38, Graham McGrattan 8:40, David Docherty 8:42, Cameron Crawford 8:47, David Ness 8:51, Kai Wheeler 8:55, Geroge McCallum 8:57, Ian McKee 8:58, Graham Robertson 8:58, Stewart Crawford 9:00, Connor McCrory 9:01, Paul McKendry 9:03, Stephen Reid 9:04, Craig Canning 9:09, Stewart Beaton 9:11, Lucas Bezian 9:17, Frank McMahon 9:18, Marianne McKay 9:19, Douglas Nicholson 9:21, Sean McFarlane 9:22, Ashley Anderson 9:24, Lud Marthos 9:35, Claire Monaghan 9:36, Colin Campbell 9:39, Sophie McGinty 9:39, Cheryl Thomas 9:44, Lynsey Mooney 9:45, Abi Tosh 9:48, Alex Patterson 9:49, Alan Munroe 9:49, Nicola Falconer 9:50, Anne Marie Reid 9:53, Fiona MacFarlane 9:56, Oliver Jones 9:59, Raguraman Balaraman 10:01, Lorna Mitchell 10:03, Kevin Gill 10:05, Marina McCallum 10:11, Gerry Gillespie 10:19, Erin McEleney 10:19, Heather Lafferty 10:22, Joan McGilp 10:28, Alison Downie 10:31, Eddie O’Kane 10:34, Summer Target 10:35, Andrew Sutherland 10:39, James Surtherland 10:50, Colin Carnson 11:00, Kenny Scott 11:01, Stuart Brodie 11:03, Alex Boonsanong 11:04, Neil Thomson 11:05, Lisa Bonsanong 11:06, John McLaughlin 11:10, Debbie McKenzie 11:12, Susan Falconer 11:12, Ashley McLoone 11:12, Lyndsey Parker 11:15, James Prior 11:15, Sinead McLaughlin 11:16, Derek Johnson 11:23, Colin Robertson 11:42, David Murray 11:45, John Carruthers 11:47, Morag Gaffney 11:49, Lesley McLaren 11:53, Davie Peaston 11:54, Simon Hutton 11:55, Sue Hewitson 11:59, Lorna Coyle 11:59, Beth Docherty 11:59, Amiee McEleney 12:00, Caroline McKendy 12:10, Peter Davidson 12:24, Charlotte Jones 12:26, Claire Melville 12:35, Abigael Crawford 12:39, Claire Linning 12:47, Charlotte McKay 12:49, Sharon Black 12:52, Lian Nelis 12:54, Liz McAuslan 13:04, Susan Clarke 13:04, Shona McCormack 13:07, Angela Nelson 13:08, Sandra Devine 13:24, Jennifer McBain 13:27, Alex Cushnaghan 13:31, Lynne Campbell 14:28, Paula Gaffney 14:32, Claire Brands 15:06, Andrew Gilchrist 15:16. Rhuari Toole 15:47, Ross Toole 15:48, Joe Hefferman 15:55, Sam Cushanghan 16:00, Margaret Scobie 19:45, Peter Scobie 19:45, Monica Cushnaghan 19:46, Sammy Cushnaghan 19:47, Marian Monk (tail runner) 19:51

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