GGH Bill Elder Road Races

The final race of the 2018-19 GGH Club Championship takes place on Tuesday evening 6th August 2019 at the Battery Park, Greenock
7.15pm start: Juniors: 1km race, 1 lap of the Battery Park. (*Juniors to meet by 6.45pm)
7.30pm start: Seniors. 10km road race with non-conceding handicap.


Route: Start in the Battery Park at middle gate run in clockwise direction, behind Pavilion and leave park at road exit. Turn left and follow cycle path along to Esplanade and container way. Turning point is around the clock tower at Customhouse quay.

Register at Battery Park (middle gate) from 6.30pm – Volunteers required for Registration, Marshalling & Time Keeping.

Please arrive early and bring correct change for race (£1 juniors, £2 seniors/ Guests £4)

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