Season Finale at Battery Park

There was a large turnout for the Harriers Bill Elder Road Races with 107 athletes competing over the Junior 1km and Senior 10km races.

It was guest runners who filled the top 3 places in the Men’s race with Inverclyde AC’s John Bell in outstanding form with a spectacular 31.06  to take top spot, he was followed by Cambuslang’s Alasdair Campbell, and Glasgow University’s Johannes Arens.  But for the home clubs Steven Campbell his 4th spot was undoubtedly  more important, as it meant that he was to claim the overall GGH Champions title in the final event of the 11 race championship.

Chloe Simpson smashed  her PB by almost 2 minutes to go under the 40 minute mark to win the ladies race, but she was made to work  for her win by Sue Hewitson who also produced an outstanding run, beating her best by 84 seconds.  In 3rd was Claire Monaghan, who’s consistency throughout the long season ensured her the Harriers ladies overall  champions title for 2018-19.

Chloe & Steven

Steven Campbell & Chloe Simpson winners of the Bill Elder Salvers for 1st GGH athletes in the race

It was a record turnout for the junior 1km race (1 lap of the Battery Park) with U17 athlete Harry McGill as expected running clear for the win.  The under 15s were much closer with Harris Morrison doing enough to hold off Ben Campbell and Shaun Wiseman.  Ava Beaton was quickest girl around the park closely followed by Katie Johnson. It was especially encouraging to see 10 of the girls all going under 4 minutes.


Bill Elder 10K Results: John Bell 31.06, Alasdair Campbell 32.33, Johannes Arens 34.04, Steven Campbell 34.24, David Tamburini 34.28, Paul Monaghan 35.15, Daniel Doherty 36.09, Andrew White 36.48, Michael McLoone 37.46, Oliver Reilly 38.23, Andrew McCall 38.39, John Stevenson 38.42, Alan Henderson 39.09, Gordon Hepburn 39.19, Chloe Simpson 39.31, Gavin Morrison 40.07, Chris Jones 40.38, Sue Hewitson 40.42, Chris Watson 40.52, Richard Davidson 41.17, Andrew Norris 41.24, Stephen Harrison 42.58, Danny McLaughlin 43.46,Joshua Ruddy 43.54, James McFadden 43.55, Stuart Crawford 44.02, Stephen Reid 44.07, Richard Newsome 44.20, Ian McKee 44.27, Callum Gorry 44.33, David Ness 45.00, Alan O’Rourke 45.10, Gerry Deveney 45.11, David Rafferty 45.23, Claire Monaghan 45.50, Donna Campbell 46.27, Eric Lindsey 46.28, Kevin Gill 46.48, Fiona McFarlane 46.58, Jim Cuffe 47.00, James Docherty 47.03, Frank McMahon 47.34, Sean McFarlane 47.37, Lorna Coyle 47.55, Mathew Young 48.25, Lisa Boonsanong 49.08, Marianne McKay 49.15, Tam Hamilton 50.12, Brian Dando 50.58, Boyd McKenzie 51.04, Kenny Scott 51.09, Andrew McQueen 51.29, Gerry Gillespie   52.41, Fiona Cushnaghan 53.30, Willie Logan 56.03, Gerry Langan 56.44, Liz McAuslan 58.19, Angela Nelson 58.35, Dougie McEwan 58.48, Stuart David Crawford 58.57, Helen Crawford 58.58, Alison McSween 61.03, Eddie Devine 62.49,  Emma Sinclair 62.54, Charlotte McKay 64.06,

Junior 1k Results: Harry McGill 3.01, Harris Morrison 3.15, Ben Campbell 3.18, Sean Wiseman 3.22, Ava Beaton 3.24, David Docherty 3.25, Douglas Campbell 3.31, Katie Johnson 3.32, Euan Johnson 3.33, Leo Beaton 3.43, Ruby McGill 3.44, Abbie Tosh 3.44, Sophie McGinty 3.45, Emma Aitken 3.47, Francesca McKay 3.49, Connor McCrorey 3.49, Jonathan Lamont 3.49, Maria McCabe 3.50, Summer Taggart 3.51, Ruari Trainer 3.53, Erin McEleny 3.56, Sophie Campbell 4.03, Oliver Jones 4.11, Anna Docherty 4.16, Olivia Trainer 4.20, Sam Cushnaghan 4.25, Charlotte Jones 4.26, Sophie Baker 4.26, Tyler Bryce 4.35, Josh Docherty 4.39, Islay Newsome 4.39, Aimee McEleny 4.39, Rachel Ruddy 4.40, Stella McCabe 4.41, Ben Mullan 4.47, Samantha Lamont 4.54, Beth Docherty 5.08, Ben O’Brien 5.08, Lily Doherty 5.21, Elsie Doherty 5.38,

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