Harry Climbs New Heights

Harry McGill travelled to the mountain village Susa in the Italian Alps for the annual International U18 Mountain Running Cup as part of team Scotland. In hot, dry conditions, with temperatures scorching as high as 28 degrees at 6pm, there were water stations and marshals out on the technical 4K course run over two loops. After a blistering downhill start with several people tumbling to the ground the large pack of runners – mainly from Europe and the USA – wound their way round the narrow course to start the big climb on the first lap. Harry found himself quite near the back of the pack but bided his time as he knew his strength on the downhill. Over the next lap and a half, he clawed back several places making up the most ground on the final downhill section which meandered back down the hill and through the famous arch with the finish taking place in the castle courtyard. Producing a speedy sprint finish, Harry managed to catch one more runner to finish in a respectable 32nd place and 2nd Scot, having another year being eligible to compete in this competition. This was a fantastic opportunity and he gained lots of valuable experience for the future.

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