GGH Orangfield Clubhouse Gym

Due to restrictions placed on gyms we are currently limited to a maximum of TWO users in the clubhouse at any given time. Members may book a single 1 hour gym session up to 1 week in advance**. The Gym will be available 24/7.

**If an adjacent slot is available 24 hours prior to your current booking, you may book a back to back session.

To make a booking click on date on calendar below, then click on your required time, and complete the contact details on form. Please note you will receive an email confirmation, (you can also cancel your booking via this email) but NO text confirmation.

Note: You will need to Contact committee for a new key, as lock has been changed on outer door.

Clubhouse Rules:

*Come changed for your session.

*Do not use the showers.

*Wipe down equipment on completion of session.

*Toilets can be used.

*Follow all current Government guidance.

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