JG Cameron 2023 Race Report

Greenock Glenpark Harriers once again took over the Greenock Esplanade on a sunny Saturday afternoon. 87 runners took part in the races which ranged from 200 metres to 4 kilometres.

Jill Cox set her stamp on the first race of the 2023/24 championship season by retaining the JG Cameron trophy for the first female at the clubs 4km time trial event. The current club champion led from the gun and stormed home in an impressive time of 14 minutes and 28 seconds. Jill’s time equals the record set by Lindsay McNeil in 2010. Jennifer Rooney took 2nd place in a tight race with Marian Monk who finished 3rd in the female race and Liz Gemmell only 3 seconds back in 4th place. The female race seen a record turnout with 28 runners completing the distance, and the top 4 dipping under 17 minutes, a sign of the progress within the club over recent years.

In one of the most competitive races in recent years Shaun Lyon ran a perfectly paced race to retain the JG Cameron trophy for the quickest male runner. The lead changed hands several times before the final 800 metres when Neil, Stuart and Shaun broke away from the chasing group. Shaun set a new personal best time over the course and will hope to carry his form into the cross-country season. Neil Lafferty edged out Stuart Greenway in a sprint finish to complete the podium places. The top 11 runners were all under 14 minutes which shows the depth of competition within the men’s team this ahead of the relay season.

In the Under 20 category Kyle Johnstone ran a well paced race to take over 20 seconds off his time from the previous year to finish 1st U20. Well into his half marathon training Lewis McCrae will be delighted with his efforts taking 2nd place from Shaun Wiseman. Great to see a strong under 20 performance.

Joanthon Lamont was the first under 15 in a time 17:40. Evie Harrison was the first under 17 on the day finishing just ahead of Erin McEleny. Evie will be have the bragging rights in the Harrison household as she finished well ahead of Mum, Lynne Harrison. Both Erin McEleny and Summer Taggart will be delighted with their performances one week on from their first International Hill Race where the both representing the West of Scotland team. Lewis Scott and Scarlett Farrell made up the 2nd and 3rd place U15 runners respectively.

There were a whole host of Personal Best performances on the day, most notably was the in form Paul McAulay who took nearly 1 minute from his previous time adding to his impressive form of late. Although wife Necole arguably had the run of the day in the McAulay household, in only her 2nd race in a Harriers vest Necole ran just over 20 minutes for the distance. Stephen Hanley dipped under the 14 minute mark for the first time with Charlotte McKay, Alison Smart, Lana Killeen, Rich Jow, Kevin Begley, Stephen Harrison and a whole host of others recording personal best times. The Harriers sessions are clearly paying off.

In the 1km race Daniel Masalskis took the honours with a strong run with Mila Killeen, Isobel Lafferty and Sarah Taylor all running under 5 minutes. Some of the young runners also took part in the 200 metres race and the Schools x-country race in the morning.

Huge thanks once again to The Dolan Family for their continued sponsorship of the race. Former club President Robert Dolan is photographed presenting the trophies to the winners. Thanks as always to our amazing army of volunteers, race organisers and runners.

If you are interested in joining Greenock Glenpark Harriers get in touch with us through our Social Media Pages, Website or email – greenockglenparkharriers@gmail.com

JG Cameron 4km Race Results
1 Shaun Lyon M 00:12:46
2 Neil Lafferty M40 00:12:51
3 Stuart Greenway M 00:12:54
4 Dylan Crawford M 00:13:00
5 Andrew Osborne M40 00:13:01
6 Andrew McCall M 00:13:07
7 Kyle Johnstone M U20 00:13:07
8 Oliver Reilly M 00:13:23
9 Paul Monaghan M50 00:13:26
10 Daniel Doherty M40 00:13:44
11 Stephen Hanley M 00:13:57
12 Andrew White M50 00:14:03
13 Paul McAulay M40 00:14:16
14 Kev Craig M40 00:14:21
15 Jill Cox F45 00:14:28
16 Owen Atkinson M40 00:14:36
17 Lewis McCrae M U20 00:14:41
18 Duncan Anderson M40 00:14:46
19 Greg Luke M 00:14:54
20 Matthew Deegan M 00:15:00
21 Colin McKnight M40 00:15:00
22 Robert Dolan M50 00:15:13
23 Kevin O’Donoghue M40 00:15:17
24 Stephen Harrison M50 00:15:22
25 Donald Shaw M50 00:15:26
26 Shaun Wiseman M U20 00:15:33
27 John Stevenson M50 00:15:40
28 Greig Turner M40 00:15:57
29 Campbell Cromar M60 00:16:16
30 Scott Docherty M40 00:16:28
31 Graham McGrattan M60 00:16:32
32 Richard Jow M40 00:16:41
33 John Green M 00:16:46
34 Jennifer Rooney F 00:16:50
35 Marian Monk F45 00:16:54
36 Liz Gemmell F35 00:16:57
37 Eric Lindsay M50 00:17:05
38 Ross Morrison M 00:17:10
39 Stephen Reid M50 00:17:18
40 Ian McKee M60 00:17:30
41 Kevin Begley M40 00:17:31
42 Jonathon Lamont M U15 00:17:40
43 Evie Harrison F U17 00:17:41
44 Erin McEleny F U17 00:17:47
45 James Doherty M40 00:17:51
46 Paul Meahan M50 00:17:55
47 Derek Mitchell M50 00:18:05
48 Jennifer Telford F45 00:18:08
49 Micky Dunn M60 00:18:14
50 Debbie Mckenzie F45 00:18:15
51 Summer Taggart F U17 00:18:21
52 Jim Cuffe M60 00:18:35
53 Marianne McKay F45 00:18:43
54 Lynne Harrison F45 00:18:46
55 Frank Mcmahon M70 00:19:15
56 Nathalie Smith F45 00:19:21
57 Lewis Scott M U15 00:19:23
58 Craig Melrose M40 00:19:25
59 David Williamson M 00:19:32
60 Heather Lafferty F45 00:19:42
61 Scarlett Farrell F U15 00:20:03
62 Richard Newsome M40 00:20:07
63 Lynsey Mooney F35 00:20:22
64 Necole McAulay F35 00:20:28
65 Claire Monaghan F45 00:20:38
66 Sarah Jane Whalen F45 00:20:49
67 Helen Crawford F45 00:21:11
68 Liz Heywood F 00:21:43
69 Elaine Medinelli F45 00:23:25
70 Lana Killeen F35 00:23:45
71 David Carruthers M50 00:24:06
72 Charlotte McKay F65 00:24:30
73 Alison Smart F55 00:24:58
74 Mary Robinson F55 00:25:00
75 Lynne Fulton F45 00:26:04
76 June Anne McKnight F45 00:27:10
77 Margaret Bryce F55 00:27:10
78 Edward Devine M70 00:29:18

200m race results
1 Daniel Masalskis M 00:00:36
2 Gabrielle Simpson F 00:00:37
3 Cerys Stewart F 00:00:38
4 Lyla Harrison F 00:00:41
5 Mila Killeen J 00:00:47

1km race results
1 Daniel Masalskis M 00:03:58
2 Mila Killeen J 00:04:12
3 Isobel Lafferty J 00:04:34
4 Sarah Taylor F 00:04:53