Junior Cornalees Hill race 19/5/19

View route here: https://www.relive.cc/view/2184380765

2019 Hill Race Poster

Junior International Opportunities
International Youth Cup- Venue TBC / Date TBC
Selection Date 20 May
Team Manager Mike Pearson and Jane Robertson
Number: Up to 6 Juniors – 3 male / 3 female. (Born in 2002 or 2003. Younger athletes will not be considered).
Selection Notes: The first eligible male and female athlete in the Cornalees Race on 19 May will be offered selection, with the balance of the team being selected on current form in this race and/or similar races.
The league categories are: U20 (born 2000-2002), U17 (born 2003-2004), U15 (born 2005-2006)
scottishathletics Hill Running Junior League (from 7 races)

Points will be awarded to the first 18 individuals in each category: 1st place 25 points, 2nd 20 points, 3rd 17 points, 4th 15 points, 5th 14 points, reducing at one point intervals down to 18th 1 point. However, the SA junior championships (Cornalees Hill Race) and the JHI Trial (Broughton Heights) will be double weighted, where runners will receive twice the points. The final league score comprises the athlete’s best 3 race scores, plus 2 points for each race completed. If overall points are tied after the final League race, points scored at Cornalees Hill Race and Broughton Heights will be used to determine the winner of the age category.