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2019-2021 GGH Club Championship Tables

Senior Club Championship up to Bill Elder 10k 2021:

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Senior Championship Tables 2018-19:
Championship Tables 2018-19

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GGH Championship Club Races

1.  JG Cameron Road Race
Mid September – Greenock Esplanade
Traditional Race: Seniors: 4km road race. Starts 500m from Greenock end of Esplanade, following pavement to middle gate of Battery Park. Enter park and follow path behind pavilion, exit 1st gate and return to start.
Juniors: 1km road race. Starts 500m from Greenock end of Esplanade, out and back.

Winners 2020-21:
Shaun Lyon- 13.17
Nicola Doohan – 16.11

2.  Colin Shields
Early November – Dunlop Street, Greenock
Traditional Race: Seniors: 4.5 mile time trial. Start at top of Dunlop street, follow pavement to walkover at Branchton railway station. Cross walkover and continue uphill past Inverclyde Hospital then down to shop at cross-roads. Turn left along Larkfield road past Gourock cemetery, then continue down Cumberland road. Cross over the flyover and return to top of Dunlop street.

Winner 2018-19:
Harry McGill 16.29
Sue Hewitson 20.49

3.  Wilson Trophy
Mid December – Greenock Cut
Seniors (&U17s): 4.5 mile conceding handicap trail race. Ran along the trails connecting the Greenock reservoirs. 
Winner 2020-21:
Shaun Lyon (26.47)
Sue Hewitson (34.24)
Shaun Lyon (handicap)

4.  Harris Trophy
First Saturday in January – Coves Reservoirs, Greenock
Seniors: 5.5 mile non-conceding handicap race. Starts across from Inverclyde Hospital, and follows the gravel path anti-clockwise around the lower Coves reservoir. Covers four laps of the 1.4 mile trail.
Juniors: 1.5 miles: Under 13’s (1 lap) 3 miles: Under 15’s & 17’s (2 laps) *Under 11s=1km Winner 2018-19:
Shaun Lyon (32.11)
Sue Hewitson (39.42)
Stuart Austin (handicap)

5.  Willow Bowl
First Saturday in March – Greenock Cut
Seniors: 7.5 miles conceding handicap race. Start at the Long Dam, turn left and uphill at Waterman’s Cottage follow the trail over the hill, and down past the compensation reservoir to the Cornalees Visitor Centre. Go through gates, down steps onto the Cut. Follow the Cut for 5 miles back to the Waterman’s Cottage then back to “Long Dam”. The first vet across the line is awarded the Tommy Knight trophy, which honours the long serving Harrier who sadly passed in 2018.
(No junior race)
Winner 2019-20:
Kevin O’Donoghue (49.09)
Sue Hewitson (56.58)
Tommy Knight Trophy – Eric Lindsay
Handicap – David Holmes

6.  Docherty Cup
Second weekend in April – Gourock Promenade – 12pm Start
Seniors: 10 mile conceding handicap race. Starts at Gourock Ashton promenade and heads along Cloch Road, turning just after Inverkip roundabout and coming back to start.
Juniors: 1.2 km: Under 11’s (1 lap), 2.4 km: Under 13’s, 15’s & 17’s (2 laps). Junior course is a loop(s) of the Gourock Ashton promenade.
Winner 2018-19:
Andrew White (56.22)
Sue Hewitson (69.32)
Handicap – Steven Smith

7.  Willie Jukes Trophy
First weekend in May – Dunoon
Seniors: 5 mile non-conceding handicap race. Out and back course, start and finish at West Bay Pavilion along the coastal pavement to Innellan.
Winner 2018-19:
Shaun Lyon (26.56)
Claire Monaghan (35.39)
Handicap – Graeme Crawford

8.  Cornalees Hill Race
Mid May – Woodstock Road, Greenock – Potentially coincides with Scottish Junior Hill Trials
Seniors: 7k hill race with 750 feet of ascent. Starts at Woodstock Road and climbs to the hill before Hillside Hill (above the Cornalees Visitors Centre). Shorter route for 2019 to coincide with Junior Hill Trail Race.
Juniors: See tab on home page.
Winner 2018-19:
Shaun Lyon (28.21)
Sue Hewitson (36.46)

9.  Chisholm Mile
Last Tuesday in May – Greenock Esplanade
Seniors and Juniors: 1 mile point to point race: From one end of the Greenock Esplanade to the other. Whether the race starts at the West end or the East end is decided on the day depending on the direction of the wind, which will be at the runners backs.
Winner 2018-19:
Harry McGill (4.26)
Katie Johnson (5.39)

10.  Singlehurst Trophy
Early July – Kingarth, Bute.
Mixed terrain race held near Kingarth, Bute
Winner 2018-19:
Shaun Lyon (18.19)
Chloe Simpson (24.03)

11.  Bill Elder Trophy
4th August 2020 – Battery Park, Greenock
Seniors. 10km road race with non-conceding handicap. Start in Battery Park at middle gate run in clockwise direction, behind Pavilion and leave park at road exit. Turn left and follow cycle path along to Esplanade and container way. Turning point is around the clock tower at Customhouse quay.
Juniors: 2km race, 2 laps (1km for under 11s) of the Battery Park
Winner 2018-19:
Steven Campbell (34.24)
Chloe Simpson (39.31)
Handicap – Chloe Simpson