Gourock Duathlon

Race Report



Gourock Pool, Albert Road, Gourock, PA19 INQ

Sunday 06th September 2015

Race Start Time 09.30am

Event Timetable ​

08.00am – 09.00 am            Registration outside Gourock Pool ­

08.00 am                                Transition opens to competitors

09.00 am                                Transition closes

09.05 am                                Race Briefing

09.30 am                                Race start

11.45 am                                Presentation of Prizes

General Information

  • It is the competitor’s responsibility to be well prepared for the race.
  • They should be in good general health and shall be responsible for knowing and following the prescribed course.
  • The pre-­race briefing will take place at Gourock Pool at 9.05 am. It is compulsory that the competitors attend the briefing.
  • It will last approx ­10 minutes.
  • Shower facilities available after the race in the Pool and there are toilet facilities available both at the pool and nearby
  • There will be refreshments for all competitors outside the Pool after the race. The Awards Presentation will be at 11.45 am or earlier if possible.
  • We will endeavour to display results and category winners on a display board in the Pool by 11.30 am
  • Any competitor who retires during the race should inform the Race Director and return to the transition area to return their chip.


From the East (e.g. Glasgow) – follow M8 West, then A8 to Greenock. At Bullring roundabout, continue straight through onto the A770 to Gourock.  Gourock Pool is just after Gourock town centre on the right.

From the South (e.g. Largs) – follow A78 north past Inverkip, then take a left at the Bankfoot Roundabout onto the A770 (Cloch Rd) to Gourock.  Gourock Pool is just before the town centre on the left.


There is a car park beside the pool and also on street parking nearby.  Please avoid parking near the transition area



  • Race numbers should be worn. For those with number belts, the number should be worn on the rear during the cycle and on the front during both runs. The race number should not be cut, folded or hidden.
  • Electronic timing chips will be used. You will receive a Velcro strap and electronic chip. Attach the chip to your Velcro strap, and put the strap around your lower left leg just above your ankle. This will record all your split times for each discipline. Detailed results will be available after the presentations, and on the Greenock Glenpark Harriers Website.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your helmets and your bike should be in good repair and roadworthy. Brakes must be operational and bar end plugs must be in place on your handlebars. These will be checked prior to entering the transition area.
  • You must wear your helmet which should be secured with the helmet straps when you bring your bike into transition.


  • You must ensure your helmet is fastened BEFORE you touch your bike in transition after the first run. Your helmet must remain fastened UNTIL your bike is racked after the cycle. This will be strictly enforced by marshals and race referees.
  • Do not mount your cycle until you have left transition and reached the designated mount/dismount line which will be clearly marked outside transition. You must dismount your bike before this mount/dismount line before entering transition on your return.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that it is safe to proceed onto your bike. Traffic will not be stopped to allow you to join the road
  • A race number must be visible at all times during the cycle. The cycle route is a 20 km out and back route. The route can be found at …..
  • The cycle course is not on closed roads and all the usual rules of the road apply. The cycle route will have marshals and/or Police at all major junctions
  • The cycle route heads out to the end of the Cloch Road, before turning left up the dual carriageway, turning by going over the flyover at IBM, and heading back along the Cloch Rd to Gourock.
  • The route is at https://connect.garmin.com/activity/321591356


  • The cycle course has a tight dead turn at the midway point, you must slow down for this turn and at the roundabout
  • Roads will remain open to traffic for the event. Competitors should obey the rules of the road and exercise due caution when presented with a hazard.
  • Instructions from Police and marshals should be followed at all times.
  • Competitors deemed to be cycling dangerously or without consideration to others will be disqualified or penalized by race marshals. Extra care should be taken at roundabout and junctions and in particular at the turn around point and at the main entrance and exit to the transition area.
  • There will be a neutral zone in the first 100m following exit from transition. There will be no overtaking in the neutral zone in the interest of competitor safety.
  • The same neutral zone will apply on the return to transition. The bike will enter transition at the same point you exited transition.


  • WHAT IS DRAFTING By cycling close to a cyclist in front you can save a great deal of effort as they are acting as a wind break
  • There is a draft zone around each bike that is 3m wide by 7m long
  • If you approach another competitor you have a choice, keep back and stay outside that zone or overtake. If you decide to overtake, you have 20 seconds to get past the cyclist or drop back. The cyclist who you have just overtaken is then responsible for dropping back out of the draft zone.
  • If you have difficulty visualising the draft zone, just imagine a large family car between your front wheel and the rear wheel of the bike in front of you (please do not test this!).
  • Marshalls will be monitoring drafting and this and will report this to the race organiser
  • It is at the race organisers discretion to penalise time or to disqualify a competitor seen to have been drafting.


  • A race number must be visible on the front at all times. The run course is an out and back course.
  • The run is out and back along the Cloch Road, starting and finishing at Gourock Pool, with the turn just past the Western ferries terminal at McInroy’s Point.
  • The route is at https://connect.garmin.com/activity/321591349
  • Run 2 will be as for Run 1
  • Please remember to hand back your timing chip before leaving the recovery area.


  • No bike boxes or bags to be left in transition, there will be a designated bag/box drop area beside transition.
  • Bike racks will be numbered? Your bike must be racked in its designated spot. There will be plenty of room for all bikes and equipment.
  • After Run 1, you must put on your helmet and fasten it before removing your bike from the rack. (Run to Bike is known as Transition 1)
  • After the cycle you must rack your bike and only then unfasten and remove your helmet. (Bike to Run is known as Transition 2)
  • Please show respect for other competitor’s equipment. Only competitors are allowed in the transition area. Coaches, friends and family must stay out of this area. The torso must be covered during all sections of the race.


  • The competitor must know and follow the competition rules for duathlon as set out by Triathlon Scotland.
  • Anyone found in breach of the rules may be penalised time or disqualified. This is at the discretion of the Race Director.
  • There shall be no pacing by your coach, family or friends etc during the race.

Finally, on behalf of the Greenock Glenpark Harriers, the organisers thank you for entering the Gourock Sprint Duathlon and have an enjoyable race.

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