Lisa Wins Willow Bowl

Congratulations to Lisa Ruddy first home to win Greenock Glenpark Harriers Willow Bowl Race. Thanks to all the volunteers and to Race Sponsor Chris Glen manager of the Willow Bar@TheWillow_Bar for post race refreshments. Race report to follow.


Lisa Ruddy Handicap Winner & Sue Hewitson, fastest Lady, with sponsor Chris Glen of the Willow Bar

Results from GGH 7.5mile Trail Race (scratch time in bracket): Lisa Ruddy 76.04(64.04), David Rafferty 78.36(58.36), Marian Monk 79.07(59.07), Donna Clark 79.18(67.18), Robert Dolan 79.25(51.25), Kevin Gill 79.27(59.27), Stephen Hanley 79.33(53.33), Chris Mooney 79.38(46.08), Shaun Lyon 79.43(44.43), Ashley Anderson 79.46(59.46), Sue Hewitson 79.57(55.57), Danny McLaughlin 80.08(53.08), John Stevenson 80.09(51.09), Paul Monaghan 80.32(47.02), Graham McGrattan 80.37(53.37), Daniel Doherty 80.42(47.12), Sean Marshall 80.49(51.49), Stuart Austin 80.51(58.51), Andrew McCall 80.52(49.52), Liz McAuslan 80.59(69.59), Mick Dunn 81.27(55.27), Steven Campbell 82.04(48.04), Andrew White 82.09(49.39), Simon Hutton 82.38(69.38), Angeline Austin 82.46(70.46), Stephen Reid 83.03(59.03), David Ness 83.18(58.18), Susan Clark 83.33(69.33), Chris Watson 84.11(55.11), Steven Watson 84.26(57.26), David Carruthers 84.36(72.36), Silke Loehndorf 86.20(75.20), Graeme Crawford 86.25(73.25), Paul Hegarty 86.41(75.41), Colin Campbell 87.04(63.04), Angela Magee 100.28(89.28), John Carruthers 100.29(88.29)

GGH Willow Bowl Race


Greenock Glenpark Harriers will compete in the 7.5mile trail around the Greenock Cut on Saturday 18th February. First athlete back receives the Magnificent Willow Bowl trophy, which was donated by Ronnie Arthur, and has been sponsored continuously by the Willow Bar since 1983. It is a conceding Handicap race  meaning the slower runners will be set off at intervals with the quicker runners chasing them down. – Presentation of the Trophy in the Willow Bar afterwards.@TheWillow_Bar