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Club Championship Races

Greenock Glenpark Harriers club races are open to guest runners who wish to compete in our friendly club races (unless specified as a club only event). Entry fees for guest runners is £4, please bring correct change on the day and enter using the links below.

Our senior club championships are contested across 11 club races, from September to August, with the best 7 from 11 counting towards the total points. Incorporated within 6 of these events is the ever popular handicap championship where anyone can win the trophy at the end of the year.

JG-Cameron Road Race Greenock Glenpark Harriers

1. JG Cameron

Sat 16th September 2023
Greenock Esplanade
Seniors: 4km, Juniors: 1km


Seniors: 4km road race. Starts 500m from Greenock end of Esplanade, following pavement to middle gate of Battery Park. Enter park and follow path behind pavilion, exit 1st gate and return to start.

Juniors: 1km road race. Starts 500m from Greenock end of Esplanade, out and back.

Type: Road Race

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Continued Race Sponsor: Dolan Family

Colin Shields Race

2. Colin Shields

Sat 28th October 2023
Dunlop Street, Greenock
Seniors: 4.5 miles, Juniors: various


Seniors: 4.5 mile time trial. Start at top of Dunlop street, follow pavement to walkover at Branchton railway station. Cross walkover and continue uphill past Inverclyde Hospital then down to shop at cross-roads. Turn left along Larkfield road past Gourock cemetery, then continue down Cumberland road. Cross over the flyover and return to top of Dunlop street.

Juniors: Various distances depending on age groups. Usually held round the Murdieston Park Reservoirs.

Type: Road Race (Time Trial Format)

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Wilson Trophy

3. Wilson Trophy

Sat 9th December 2023
Greenock Cut at New Yetts
Reservoir No 7
Seniors: 4.5 miles , Juniors: various


Seniors: 4.5 mile conceding handicap trail race. Ran along the trails connecting the Greenock reservoirs numbered 4 – 7.

Juniors: u17 and upwards eligible for this race. Younger juniors race held at a separate location due to the weather.

Type: Trail Race – Conceding Handicap

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Continued Race Sponsor: Wilson’s Buses

Harris Trophy

4. Harris Trophy

6th January 2024
Coves Reservoir, Greenock
Seniors: 5.5mls, Juniors: various


Seniors: Details: Seniors: 5.5 mile non-conceding handicap race. Starts across from Inverclyde Hospital, and follows the gravel path anti-clockwise around the lower Coves reservoir. Covers four laps of the 1.4 mile trail.

Juniors: 1.5 miles: Under 13’s (1 lap) 3 miles: Under 15’s & 17’s (2 laps) *Under 11s=1km

Type: Trail Race – non-conceding handicap

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Continued Race Sponsor: WB Smith Trees & Turf

Willow Bowl Race

5. Willow Bowl

Sat 17th February 2024
Greenock Cut, on the ‘Long Dam’
Seniors: 7.5 miles. No junior race


Seniors: 7.5 miles conceding handicap race. Start at the Long Dam, turn left and uphill at Waterman’s Cottage follow the trail over the hill, and down past the compensation reservoir to the Cornalees Visitor Centre. Go through gates to the nature trail, cross the road onto the Cut. Follow the Cut for 5 miles back to the Waterman’s Cottage then back to “Long Dam”. The first vet across the line is awarded the Tommy Knight trophy, which honours the long serving Harrier who sadly passed in 2018. (No junior race).

Type: Trail Race – Conceding Handicap

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Docherty Cup

6. Docherty Cup

Sat 6th April 2024
Gourock Promenade
Seniors: 10 miles, Juniors: various


Seniors: 10 mile conceding handicap race. Starts at Gourock Ashton promenade and heads along Cloch Road, turning just after Inverkip roundabout and coming back to start.

Juniors: Loop(s) of the Gourock Ashton promenade. 1.2 km: Under 11’s (1 lap), 2.4 km: Under 13’s, 15’s & 17’s (2 laps).

Type: Road Race – Conceding Handicap

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Willie Jukes Race

7. Willie Jukes

Sat 4th May 2024
Dunoon, West Bay Pavilion
Seniors: 5mls, Juniors: various


Seniors: Details: Seniors: 5 mile out and back course, start and finish at West Bay Pavilion along the coastal pavement to Innellan.

Juniors: Various junior races held at the same location.

Type: Road Race – Non-conceding handicap

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Chisholm Mile Race

8. Chisholm mile

Tues 28th May 2024
Greenock Esplanade
Seniors & Juniors: 1 mile


Seniors & Juniors: 1 mile point to point race: From one end of the Greenock Esplanade to the other. Whether the race starts at the West end or the East end is decided on the day depending on the direction of the wind, which will be at the runners backs where possible.

Type: Road Race

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Cornalees Hill Race

9. Cornalees Hill Race

Sat 15th June 2024
Woodstock Road, Greenock
Seniors: 5 miles. Juniors – see details


Seniors: 5mile (8km) hill race with 850 feet of ascent. Starts at Woodstock Road and climbs to Hillside Hill (above the Cornalees Visitors Centre).

Juniors: GGH are delighted to host the Scottish Athletics Junior league and National Hill Running champs within the junior event for 2022. See SA website for further details.

Type: Hill race, mix of trails and grass

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Singlehurst Race

10. Singlehurst Trophy

Sat 6th July 2024
Kingarth, Bute
Seniors: 5km, Juniors: 3.5km


Seniors: The senior 5km race starts at Kingarth and heads down to the village of Kilchattan. The runners turn on to the West Island Way trail, before reaching the sting in the tail, a 400 feet steep climb up Suidhe Chatain.

Juniors: 3.5 km multi terrain race at the same location.

Type: Mixed Terrain

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Bill Elder Race

11. Bill Elder Trophy

Sun 4th August 2024
Boat Club, Greenock Esplanade
Seniors: 10km. Juniors – 1km


Seniors: 10km road race with non-conceding handicap. 

Juniors: 1km race

Type: Road Race, non-conceding handicap

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Other non-championship races organised by GGH

JK Neave 100m Race

JK Neave 100m

Thursday 31st August 2023
Ravenscraig Track, Greenock
Seniors & Juniors: 100m


Seniors & Juniors: 100m track race where runners are set of various start distances based on their age. Anyone can win.

Type: Track race, conceding handicap based on age

Lyle Mile Race

The Lyle Mile

Mon 1st January 2024
Bottom of Lyle Road, Greenock
Seniors & Juniors: 1 mile, 400+ft


Seniors & Juniors: Starting at the bottom of Lyle Road participants make their way up Lyle Road until they reach the torch at the top of Lyle Hill at around 400ft. The run is marketed as a challenge to encourage people to take up the challenge on New Years Day.

Type: Road Race

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